Why Buy Black Note Tobacco E-Juice

Black note is a leading brand name known for its top quality e-liquid products. In general, vapers consider black note tobacco e-juices to be pricy. It is undisputed that the brands bring out the satisfaction of authentic and tasty tobacco. All flavors are based on tobacco and are acquired from natural leaves. The tobacco extraction process is exceptional, deliberately slow and results in top quality, high-end products.


Quality features of this brand


Derived from natural tobacco leaves


tobacco leavesAll black note tobacco e-juice flavors are derived from naturally extracted tobacco leaves. The leaves are sourced from different parts of the world to procure diverse essence and aroma. According to ecigclick, an independent reviewing website, the tobacco extraction and steeping process used by black note manufacturers are referred to a cold maceration process. The process takes roughly six to eight weeks before the tobacco flavor is finally achieved. Heat is eliminated from the process of extraction to attain the finest blends. The exclusion of heat during extraction ensures that the flavors do not end up bitter or harsh.


They have a wide range of nicotine levels


Another distinct feature of the black note tobacco e-juices is the range of nicotine levels in their products. They have five distinct levels of nicotine and these are zero, three, six, twelve and eighteen milligrams per millimeter. The 0% nicotine is targeted for former cigarette smokers who have quit smoking but still desire to retain the tobacco taste. 3% to 18% are ranges available to former smokers who wish to eliminate the urge to use nicotine, gradually.


No artificial flavors and comes in a wide range of flavors


man smokingRemarkably, black note tobacco e-juices do not contain any artificial flavors, sweeteners, coloring, dye, synthetic compounds or chemical additives. Needless to say, this synthetic compounds and chemically induced additives such as diacetyl, acetoin, ethylene glycol, acrolein, and diethylene are harmful to human health. For that reason, Black Note products are well researched safe products for vaping consumers.


Something to note is that this e-juice comes in eight flavors. This is Prelude and Bravura which come in different shades of yellow to orange colors. Solo which is deep yellow with an added touch of menthol. There is also Forte which like the others takes a shade of yellow but releases a touch of sweetness during vaporing and is derived from the burley tobacco. Adagio retains a yellowish color and is derived from the Havana tobacco. It brings out the slight sweetness and spicy backdrop during vaporing. Legato has a yellow to orange hue with a distinctive earthly and woody scent. It is extracted from Kentucky tobacco and has a nuttiness to its flavor. Cadenza is founded on base tobacco, its pale in color and has a sweet woody favor.

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