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Recent studies have shown that truck driving is considered as one of the most dangerous and hazardous jobs in the country. In fact, twelve percent of all work-related deaths in the country are from truck drivers. The most basic and obvious reason is the stress of driving for prolonged hours and poor lifestyle.

While there are laws that define a specific number of work hours, truck drivers do not usually follow this especially when the immediacy of their job requires them to travel long distances that take more than the prescribed eight hours a day just so they can deliver their packages and their shipments. Most of the time, drivers get only one rest day a week, while some drivers will not take time offs to compensate for the low salaries that they get from work.

Because most drivers have erratic body clocks and lack proper exercise due to constraints in time and schedule, studies show that truck drivers are prone to heart diseases, obesity, as well as lung diseases from the fumes that they inhale from driving. Only eight percent of the more than 3 million truck drivers in the United States get regular exercise, and about 86% are obese. This statistics is bothersome because not all truck drivers have ACA (Affordable Care Act) coverage.

Here are some useful help tips for truck drivers:




The preferred average sleeping hours for adults are 6 to 8 hours a day. This is because your body has to repair and restore body functions from the strain of your work. Sleeping regularly is also good for the heart and the brain, as sleep repairs damaged cells. With adequate sleep, drivers can have focus and a stable mood while at work.




fruitsTruck Drivers are prone to obesity because driving on the interstate does not give truck drivers access to enough food establishments and healthy food choices. This leaves drivers no choice but to usually bring with them pre-packed foods which are high in calories and fat. There are also many instances where drivers skip meals because they cannot find a place where they can eat, especially when driving on long trips.

It is a good practice to bring three home cooked meals while at work. There are also pre-packed fruits and vegetables in the market which are healthy for drivers. Whole wheat bread is also recommended as a source of carbohydrates. Drivers may also seek expert nutritionists to guide them.




This does not mean that you should hit the gym three days every week. This is a good practice, but truck drivers do not usually have enough time for gym workouts. What is important to remember is for truck drivers to stay in shape and regularly monitor their weight to ensure that body weight is in the right range. Truck drivers can also do ergonomic exercises or mini-exercises while at work. A little stretching and jogging will also help a lot.




truckIf your current employer does not pay you enough and requires you to work for straight 14 hours a day, then it is time to look for another employer. There are many trucking companies with good reviews from employees. Status Transportation reviews by owner-operators have said that because of their flexible working hours, they can manage their own time and can be productive at the same time. This proves that productivity in your job is not always determined by the number of hours you spend working, but by how much you can accomplish at a specific period. Having this mindset will help drivers and operators to have excellent work ethics as well as good health practices.…