How To Plan For Funeral Service

buildingThere is nothing that is very stressful like arranging the detail of a funeral. But, the pressure can pile up even further if one is working on a shoestring budget. The process entails hiring a fairly affordable funeral director without compromising quality to deciding on what to do with the body for it is either cremated or buried.

Modern day funerals are very expensive for they entail a lot of aspects. While one can be able to plan one that is a little bit cheap, with the help of a funeral service,¬†one can acquire the essential pros and cons of putting a low budget funeral together. It is everybody’s wish that they give their loved one the best sendoff that can be there but in most cases, we don’t have such resources. But worry not because below we highlight the measures that one can undertake in staging a wonderful funeral ceremony with minimal expenditure.

Cheap funeral home

It is always advisable for one to inquire around for the most affordable funeral home in their location, ask friends or even seek the advice of funeral directors for referrals to the most affordable homes around. This may sound mean, but this will help you save some few dollars.

Purchase segmented package

Funeral homes can claim to be offering a lot of services in their so called packages, some, if not most of this services one can do without them and thus no need to incur any costs buying them instead of paying for the services that are essential. Be keen not to be enticed into buying things that you don’t want for the sake of appearing classy.

Memorial service location

As opposed to holding this service at the funeral home you can do it at the park, in the woodlands or even home, this will save the money that could be used to hire a hall or garden within the home. Most guys prefer a personal memorial because it is always a cheaper option.

Affordable casket

Funeral homes usually charge exorbitantly high cost on caskets when they know that you are in desperate need of one, this is why you should at least buy a cheap coffin from the vendors out there. Even though other funeral homes do not allow this always explain your situation and pretty surely they can allow you. One can also go for an unsealed casket since they are cheaper as compared to the sealed one.casket

Cremation vs. Burial

It is suggested that one should go for cremation rather than burial since it is cheaper and it can be even cheaper if one doesn’t need an urn for the ash is to be scattered somewhere. This is not the case with burial because one has to pay for embalming.

To cut the costs even further you can ask a family friend to play at the service or you can better still play a CD that your loved ones did like a lot. This will save a lot of money that could have been spent paying an extravaganza to play at the service. Preparing a program on a home computer as it is a cost cutting measure also.

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