Buying a Cheap Stunt Scooter

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Stunt scooters are great fun for kids and adults alike, and it doesn’t stop there; a scooter can earn you global recognition. Professional scooter riders such as Dakota Schuetz have won international acclaim for doing what they do best; rolling on a scooter. Scooters can be expensive however, you can get the best stunt scooter for the money. In fact, it is not difficult to find a good deal.

Buying a cheap stunt scooter

1. Compromise on the brand

Of course, it feels good to own a popular or a prestigious brand. However, in reality, the only difference between the “brand to die for” and “other” brands is only the name. As a matter of fact, there could even be better quality and better features out there. A survey in the market reveals that there are significant price differences between different models of relatively the same quality and more or less the same features. Popular brands will cost you more than less known ones. If you want a cheap stunt scooter, this is a tradeoff you have to make.


2. Go low on the features

As more innovation and competition comes in, stunt scooters are packing in more and more features. Traditionally a stunt scooter is just some good wheels a solid deck and a good handlebar, today you will be bombarded with terms such as cold forged alloy wheels, MGP’s Composite Brakes, S-Grips and so on. Scooters that promise big on features are also big on price. Try to be as practical as possible and do not be lured into thinking that every feature you hear of is important. Instead, focus on the quality of the parts.

3. Latest is not always the best

This is a ploy used by many manufacturers to make people pay more for the same product with little or no modifications. For example, a 2015 stunt scooter will cost much less than a 2017 scooter when the only addition to the latter could be the term “superfast ball bearings “and oh! Some “super cool graphics”. Do not be intimidated into buying the latest and hippest when you could pay much less for the same features.

4. Consider second-hand scooters

Even though second-hand items are not popular with many people especially children, it might be a good option if you are looking for a cheap stunt scooter. You may get the same scooter when still in good condition at half the price if you choose to buy second hand. A good place to check out second-hand stunt scooters is on the popular e-commerce websites. It is also common to find used and refurbished stunt scooters at decent prices.

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5. Watch out for deals

All of us are conditioned to want something “right there and then.” However, it pays to wait. If you are looking for a cheap stunt scooter, be alert for discounts and offers. Easter and Christmas offers are common in most stores and e-commerce websites, and great discounts are offered on most items.

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